Galactic Inspector

Tiny application for centralized monitoring of remote servers. In comparison to traditional health checks, the galactic-inspector is executing commands using SSH.


  • SOCKS proxy support: Possibility to hide service in the internet using TOR
  • Health checks: Execute remote command, check exit code. Execute other command on failure to repair simple things
  • Authenticity check: Check if remote filesystem is untouched by third-party (eg. by hosting provider, by other hosting users, by the government)
  • Detailed Slack/Mattermost notifications (also can be configured to work with SOCKS proxy) on each event

Main conception

The main conception is to monitor files integrity like some of IDS systems are doing. What is different from other IDS systems is a native slack/mattermost support, focus on hiding the monitoring service behind a proxy, and the size - it’s tiny.

High anonymity

To protect the infrastructure against eg. government censorship in politically active projects, the IPS can be hidden behind a SOCKS proxy eg. TOR network

From authors

Project was started as a part of RiotKit initiative, for the needs of grassroot organizations such as:

  • Fighting for better working conditions syndicalist (International Workers Association for example)
  • Tenants rights organizations
  • Various grassroot organizations that are helping people to organize themselves without authority

RiotKit Collective